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98.52 kg (217.2 lbs)

Tosot heat pump toronto
Tosot heat pump toronto
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The Tosot Universal DC Inverter Ducted Central Heat Pump (T-Unix) is designed to be installed in the same way as standard single stage heat pump/AC system. The T-Unix system, along with an appropriate thermostat, can learn your preferences and adjust the output capacity to match your ideal temperature levels. The units are also compatible with most standard 24VAC (2H1C) heat pump thermostats.

  • Fully modulation inverter drive to match the heating and cooling load
  • Up to 20 Seer and 10.5 HSPF
  • Stepless DC fan motor for whisper quiet operation
  • Wide range of operation conditions with heating down to -22 °F and cooling up to 129 °F
  • Two stage compression EVI technology for small performance declines at extreme condition
  • Compact design – Fit in areas where space is limited
  • 10-year Residential Limited Warranty